About Us


Lab Partners Clinical Laboratories offers an array of services in the laboratory medicine services industry.

The depth of who we are is defined by the precision and timeliness of our results, the quality of our service and our patient centric approach. We focus on providing seamless patient care as well as the needs of our partners, stakeholders and the community around to ensure sustainability.

LabPartners complies with statutory and regulatory requirements and all institutions are registered with:


To be leaders in the laboratory medicine space, who go beyond delivering differentiated diagnostic expertise that is reliable and affordable.



We deliberately embrace diversity and inclusivity in our pursuit of excellence.


We are committed to continuously using new cutting edge technologies to develop and upgrade our systems, processes, equipment and human capital to ensure that our service always meets global standards. We always look to be pro-active and consistently offer better services, in the process being responsible for the environment and communities that we operate in.


We always treat our patients and staff with respect and empathy. We value relationships and collaborate with all our partners, communities, stakeholders and across teams. In all our professional disciplines, and at all levels, we carry out our duties skilfully, diligently and with integrity.